2020: XXII

Una perifrasi traduttiva per una regina rimossa. Torsioni onomastiche in “Cima delle nobildonne” di Stefano D’Arrigo

Marina Castiglione
Università di Palermo

Pubblicato 2021-04-16

Parole chiave

  • literary onomastics,
  • Stefano D’Arrigo,
  • numerical correspondences,
  • removed name


This contribution integrates the studies of the language used in Stefano D’Arrigo’s novels and focuses on the much less studied Cima delle Nobildonne, published in 1985. This novel, the epigone of his literary career, is characterized by a dry, scientific, almost anonymous language. The significance of the title lies in the need to hide the anthroponym that inspired the narration, that of the only female Pharoah of Ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut, which conceals «the mystery of the universal placenta». All the characters reveal references and riddles that once again highlight the peculiarity and uniqueness of the Messinese writer. The number 3 and the concept of ‘semi’ and its opposite ‘double’ are the key onomastic markers of the book.