2019: XXI

I nomi dietro i numeri: Michele Salvemini aka Caparezza

Pubblicato 2019-11-20

Parole chiave

  • Caparezza,
  • pseudonyms,
  • music,
  • rap,
  • numerical correspondences,
  • ...Più


The paper focuses on the onomastic interest shown by a singer belonging to the new generation of Italian rappers, Michele Salvemini, aka Caparezza. The pattern of his CDs, what he himself calls a sort of «phononovel», modernises the structure of the concept-album of the ’70s on the basis of constant references to contemporary Italian news events and characters, and of his figure as an artist. In particular, his latest CD (Prisoner 709) represents an autobiographical translation of an onomastic equivalence in a numerical correspondence which is always unexpected and where the real name contrasts with the pseudonym.