2017: XIX

Onomastica folklorica nelle fiabe di Giuseppe Pitrè, nel suo anniversario

Marina Castiglione
Università di Palermo

Pubblicato 2018-11-01

Parole chiave

  • Giuseppe Pitrè,
  • names and nicknames of characters,
  • folk novel,
  • female characters,
  • phytonyms,
  • ...Più


This paper presents a preliminary analysis of the onomastic elements present in the fairy tales collected in Giuseppe Pitrè’s Biblioteca delle tradizioni popolari, in the hundred years after his death. As in the fables of every place and time, names are scarce and are often similar to nicknames; those present in the Pitrè’s fables represent in part traditional Sicilian onomastics, and are partly descriptive, with underlying zoonyms or phytonyms. Partlcular attention is paid in this study to names of female characters.