2013: XV

Intorno al nome camilleriano, tra motore e scioglimento dell’azione narrativa

Parole chiave

  • Andrea Camilleri,
  • names of characters,
  • literary inspiration,
  • onomastic misunderstanding,


This essay focuses on two novels by Andrea Camilleri: La tripla vita di Michele Sparacino, inspired by the final pages of Luigi Pirandello’s I vecchi e i giovani, and La mossa del cavallo, which finds its roots in a passage of the historical essay Politica e mafia in Sicilia, by Leopoldo Franchetti. In the first novel the protagonist's name becomes the engine of a series of misunderstandings, which lead him to death; in the second, on the contrary, the protagonist saves his life from a political-mafia conspiracy set against him through the manipulation of names. In both cases the name acts as a trigger for the narrative action, and it consents to reach it to arrive to its final solution.