2023: XXV

Il nome e le voci. Funzioni diafasiche, pragmatiche e interazionali nella nominazione dantesca

Leonardo Terrusi
Università di Teramo

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • diaphasic variations,
  • pragmatics,
  • interactional onomastics,
  • law,
  • cultural code


The essay aims to explore the diaphasic, pragmatic, and interactional dimensions of Dante’s use of onomastics, with a focus on identifying the underlying principles that govern his various typologies. Specifically, it investigates the alternating use of  ‘names + surnames’ and simple names (or other isolated designations). This perspective highlights the incorporation of juridical conventions as well as the significance of cultural codes in Dante’s onomastic choices.