2015: XVII

Strategie di occultamento del nome autoriale: non solo pseudonimi

Pubblicato 2015-11-30

Parole chiave

  • pseudonym,
  • heteronym,
  • posture-theory,
  • concealment in praesentia,


The essay aims to identify some strategies of concealment of authorial names in Italian authors: e.g. the distinction between allusive reticence (Elena Ferrante), «pseudonym-effect» (Tommaso Pincio), pseudonyms and heteronyms, or connotations of a semantic or historical-cultural type. In other cases the author’s name is present, yet subjected to significant forms of concealment: e.g. Ugo Foscolo in Ortis, or Masuccio Salernitano thus exemplifying the concept of alias as «posture indicator», developed by Jérôme Meizoz.