2023: XXV

Il nome tradotto e tradito: giochi onimici sbiaditi in due fra i primi adattamenti in ambito italiano del Malade imaginaire

Giorgio Sale
Università di Sassari

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • Onomaturgical strategies in translation,
  • Molière,
  • Le Malade imaginaire,
  • Il Malato immaginario


This contribution aims to examine the translations of Molière’s play Le Malade imaginaire in the early eighteenth century. The focus is on how the initial Italian adapters of this comedy tackled the intricate wordplay involving names, which Molière employed to highlight the prominent traits of his characters. Interestingly, instead of directly adopting the bold name creations found in the source text, the first Italian translators opted to draw from an onomastic repertoire more culturally familiar to their intended audience: the onomastic repertoire of the Commedia dell’Arte.