2017: XIX

Dal Dio biblico all’Anticristo sovietico: nomina e nomenklatura in Il Maestro e Margherita di Bulgakov

Alessandra Cattani

Pubblicato 2018-11-01

Parole chiave

  • duplicity,
  • function,
  • onomastic construction,


In this paper, through the onomastic analysis of Bulgakov’s masterpiece, The Master and Margarita, I intend to demonstrate the close connection between the function of the character. the function of the name he bears and the structure of the novel, which is extraordinarily complex. In its logic, in fact, the functions of the protagonists of the Moscow time-frame can be found embodied in other characters, in the time-frame of Jerusalem. Character onomastics plays a key role and serves as a support and confirrnation of the thesis in question.