2014: XVI

Dal naso di Gogol’ al sosia di Dostoevskij: una questione di famiglia

Parole chiave

  • Jacob,
  • Gogol’,
  • Dostoevsky,
  • Peter


Here, we will analyze the close relationship between the Gogol’s story The Nose and the Dostoevsky’s Double. The Nose in fact opens with the figure of the barber Ivan Yakovlevich (i.e. «son of Jakov»). On the other side, in the Dostoevsky’s Double, seems essential name and patronymic: Yakov Petrovich (son of Peter) Golyadkin. Dostoevsky’s double is the father of the Barber of Gogol’. Jakov is the Russian name for Jacob, sly deceiver and violator of the family relationship. It can’t be a coincidence that patronymic is Petrovich, the son of St. Petersburg, a city of ghosts, of delirium. So what happens in The Nose is the child of deceit, is the son of Jacob. But the modern Jacob is not guilty because he is a victim of the Peter’s city, demonic stage that enables the explosion of a crazy and destructive unconscious.