2023: XXV

Il caleidoscopio del ‘parassita’: nomi e tipologie del personaggio nel teatro di Giovan Maria Cecchi

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • «parasites»,
  • Giovan Maria Cecchi,
  • classical tradition,
  • vernacular tradition,
  • XVI century’s Florentine theater


Building upon the research conducted on the onomastics of ‘parasitic’ characters in comedic theater and 16th-century adaptations, this study aims to delve into the diverse body of dramatic works by Giovan Maria Cecchi. Spanning from 1542 (or 1544) until his passing in 1587, Cecchi’s creative output reveals a rich tapestry. In addition to showcasing a discerning engagement with Latin models and works from Florentine novellas and cantari, Machiavellian and Ariostan comedies, as well as a significant portion of Aretino’s oeuvre, Cecchi’s theater distinguishes itself through an expanded exploration of the ‘parasite’ archetype. This exploration brings forth intriguing onomastic elements, unveiling a singular inventiveness in the reinterpretation and authentic recreation of traditionally attributed names for the character.