2021: XXIII

Fili onomastici digiacomiani: Assunta Spina (precedenti poetici e novelle, dramma ed ‘epilogo’)

Mauro Sarnelli
Independent scholar

Pubblicato 2022-01-25

Parole chiave

  • Salvatore di Giacomo,
  • Assunta Spina,
  • classical poetic tradition,
  • romantic and decadent literature


This paper is articulated in two parts: the first heuristic, the second hermeneutic. In the first, the author attempts to follow the development of Salvatore Di Giacomo’s creativity regarding the plot and characters to which the author was to return in his play, Assunta Spina, and establishes a dialogue between it and the lyrical and narrative texts in question; in the second, the aim is to conduct an investigation, sub specie nominum, of this articulated corpus, with particular attention to the creative “density”, intrinsic to Di Giacomo’s art, of the echoes from the Classical poetic tradition and the Romantic and Decadent literary, dramaturgic and operatic tradition.