2023: XXV

Onomatopoiesi in Accademia

Antonio Iurilli
Università di Palermo

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • Onomastic ritual in the Academy,
  • 15th century,
  • Distinctive marker of collective identity,
  • Personal naming


This essay highlights the longstanding tradition of associating members of academies with names that reflect their specific qualities and roles within the organization. This practice has been deeply ingrained in the life of academies since their modern reestablishment. Exploring the “institutional” history of academies within Italian literary culture is a valuable research endeavor that focuses on the significance of academic naming and its central role in defining identity. The paper particularly emphasizes a significant scholarly work from the early eighteenth century, Giacinto Gimma’s Idea della storia dell’Italia letterata, which serves as a precursor to Italian literary history.