2018: XX

Osman, metafora onomastica nell’opera di Carlo Francavilla

Antonio Iurilli
Università di Palermo

Pubblicato 2018-12-03

Parole chiave

  • D’Annunzio’s pseudonyms,
  • newspaper pen-names,
  • Albio Laerzio Floro,


Carlo Francavilla, an active political intellectual in the 60s and 70s, expresses his affection and respect for the people of the ‘Mezzogiorno’ in both its poetry and ts novel in an important period of the history of the First Republic.

Through Osman’s suicide (short poems rich in metaphors) he tackles the theme of the impotence of mere words to free a brutalized people: the protagonist’s name (Osman) clearly represents the frustration of a disappointed intellectual.