2021: XXIII

Nomi e soprannomi nella Curva del latte di Nico Orengo

Veronica Pesce
Università di Genova

Pubblicato 2022-01-25

Parole chiave

  • Orengo,
  • names,
  • nicknames


The paper is the first study of Orengo’s onomastics, a subject hitherto neglected despite the growing critical interest for this author, and focuses on La curva del Latte; the analysis of names and nicknames is centered on the choices, always carefully calibrated, often ironic and out of the ordinary, as are many curious characters in the novel. Reference to the memorial album Terre blu, contemporary with the novel, and several collected testimonies, enable the author to distinguish between real and fictional names and therefore to explore the relationship between reality and fiction.