2013: XV

L’onomastica personale nelle opere minori di Carlo Collodi

Parole chiave

  • anthroponimy,
  • Carlo Collodi,
  • Florence,
  • 19th century,
  • onomastic fashions,
  • ...Più


The names of the characters in Collodi’s ‘minor’ works, addressed to grown-ups and to childhood, are often interesting. The novel I misteri di Firenze, deep-rooted in the Florentine reality, allows a comparation with the anthroponimy of the city of the times (obtainable from the coeval registers of baptisms). The names of the high-ranking characters are usually refined and conditioned by new fashions, whereas the people of humble origins have plain names, familiar for a long time. In some works for childhood the names of the protagonist children seem in line with onomastic fashions.