2013: XV

L’onimizzazione rodariana, ovvero la fantasia “addomesticata”

Parole chiave

  • Rodari,
  • author’s coinages,
  • children’s literature,
  • translation strategies,


This article discusses the onomastic structures in the series of stories entitled “Fairy Tales Over the Phone” by G. Rodari. The collected onomastic cor- pus includes anthroponyms and toponyms belonging to two categories: real names, derived from already existing onomastic resources, and coined names, created by Rodari. The second part of the article constitutes a comparison of translations of selected author’s coinages (Cascherina, Fallaninna, Vattelapesca, lo stragenerale Bom- bone Sparone Pestafracassone and il mortesciallo Von Bombonen Sparonen Pestafrakas- son) in three Polish versions of Fairy Tales Over the Phone.