2023: XXV

L’identità tradita del Barone von Leutrum, dall’epopea alla canzone

Alda Rossebastiano
Università di Torino

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • Baron Litron,
  • ballata popolare,
  • Piemonte,
  • Folk ballad,
  • Piedmont


The heroic figure and actions of Baron von Leutrum, renowned for his role in the siege of Cuneo, are immortalized in a popular ballad that emerged in the eighteenth century and spread throughout Piedmont in multiple versions. Through an analysis of this repertoire, we can trace the evolution of the Piedmontese adaptation of the German surname, considering the historical, cultural, and linguistic changes that occurred in the subsequent century. The study of onomastic variations reveals not only shifts in the linguistic expression but also a change in perspective regarding the character. Over time, the portrayal of Baron von Leutrum moves away from myth and becomes grounded in human reality. Despite this transition, the admiration and honor he earned on the battlefield remain intact, ensuring his enduring legacy.