2023: XXV

L’identità in bilico nella realtà della migrazione: Fiamme in Paradiso di Abdel Malek Smari alias Tawfik Sam

Giulia Guzzo
Università di Torino - Università di Genova

Pubblicato 2023-10-05

Parole chiave

  • migrant literature,
  • anthroponomy,
  • migrant novel,
  • Abdel Malek Smari


This paper delves into the intricate connection between names and identity in the migrant novel Fiamme in Paradiso by Abdel Malek Smari. Within the context of migration, the protagonist Karim undergoes a symbolic journey, adopting various identities, changing his name as a means of concealment during challenging times, and even being bestowed new names by Italian individuals. By examining this symbolic trajectory through the lens of onomastics, we aim to unravel the significance of names and naming in the migration process. Additionally, an interview with the author will provide further insights into the author’s intentions and perspectives on the significance of names in the novel.