2013: XV

Antroponimia dell’Horcynus Orca di Stefano d’Arrigo

Parole chiave

  • Stefano D’Arrigo,
  • Horcynus Orca,
  • onomastics,
  • anthroponymy,


Fortunato (Stefano) D’Arrigo (1919 -1992) from Messina, is a poet and writer who is recalcitrant toward any kind of categorization and who was wrongly identified as a difficult and tedious writer; that’s not true: Horcynus Orca is a masterpiece. Names, surnames and nicknames in Horcynus Orca show not only the geographical area to which they belong, the conurbation of the Strait of Messina, but also those orange blossom flowers which find their nourishment from the many thousand-years old roots, from the literary and linguistic diachronic stratification of the Mediterranean civilization, even though it is always forced to cross that choke point between Sicily and Calabria, the Scylla and Charybdis.