2021: XXIII

Il nome inafferrabile. Luzi e Caproni a caccia di Dio

Lucia Masetti
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano

Pubblicato 2022-01-25

Parole chiave

  • literature and religion,
  • ineffability,
  • metaphysical search


The problem of nomination, and particularly of naming God, is perhaps the most important issue that Caproni and Luzi have in common. In fact, their poetry is both an affirmation of God’s ineffability and a continuous attempt to conjure God’s presence through words. Caproni develops this theme in his typically paradoxical way, blurring the acts of naming and killing. Luzi, on the other hand, tries to overcome the opacity of words by reconnecting himself with the divine Word beneath the surface of reality. Both reinterpret and challenge God’s nomination in an untraditional way, in order to establish a relationship with Him. However this process underlines an essential difference: Caproni’s God is transcendent, therefore unreachable by names, while Luzi’s is God is made of flesh, and expresses Himself both through words and silence.