2019: XXI

Donne oraziane: onomastica e identità

Pubblicato 2019-11-20

Parole chiave

  • Horace,
  • feminine names,
  • Phidyle,
  • Leuconoe,
  • Lalage,
  • Chloe,
  • Glycera,
  • Cinara.
  • ...Più


This study examines female proper names in Horace’s Odes (always considered ‘speaking’ names), and posits a fundamental difference between names already used in Greek and Latin literature (like Pyrrha, Lydia, Galatea, Phyllis, Neaera) and new names (or nicknames) coined by Horace for women he really knew and loved (Phidyle, Chloe, Leuconoe, Lalage). Glycera and Cinara are perhaps the same girl: Glycera was the genuine name, but the poet called her Cinara after her death.