2019: XXI

Per uno studio sistematico dell’onomastica nei poemi eroicomici italiani: primi sondaggi

Luigi Matt
Univeristà di Sassari

Pubblicato 2019-11-20

Parole chiave

  • Mock-heroic poems,
  • Luigi Pulci,
  • Alessandro Tassoni,
  • talking names,
  • pseudonyms


This article presents a preliminary survey of the use of onomastic resources in mock-heroic poems, so far studied only with regard to the two most important authors of the genre: Luigi Pulci and Alessandro Tassoni. After providing a summary account of the main procedures employed in the numerous poems belonging to the genre, I focus on a number of minor episodes in order to demonstrate the importance of comic onomastics, which in fact turns out to be an indispensable component. The purpose of the article is to lay the foundations for a systematic reconstruction.