2013: XV

Nomi nel Ring di Wittenwiler tra parodia e cronaca

Parole chiave

  • Wittenwiler,
  • Ring,
  • name catalogues,
  • parody,
  • Germanic tradition,
  • courtly romances,
  • intertextuality,
  • ...PiĆ¹


The present article focuses on name catalogues in the late medieval German poem Ring, by Heinrich Wittenwiler. The most relevant naming strategies adopted by the author can be found within these lists. The first one is the creation of names for parodistic purposes, where the author makes use of intertextuality, mostly with courtly romances as the main hypotext. The second one involves the reuse of names and naming practices pertaining to the Germanic tradition. The last naming strategy is inserted in the fictional text names of real historical characters. These three strategies are intertwined continuously.