2013: XV

Nomi e luoghi nell’epopea di Dighenís Akritis

Parole chiave

  • Eponym Hero,
  • Epic Poem,
  • Byzantine Literature


The poem Dighenís Akritis, since its discovery at the end of the nineteen century in the Sumelà’s monastery, has exerted a great charm on the imagination of fans of the Byzantine Literature. The reasons are many: the prestige accorded to national epics, the newness of the rediscovery, the cosmopolitan perspective of the poem, almost a “connection” with the Near East and Europe. The places, the persons, the epic events, have been an incentive to find punctual references, both for toponymy and the onomastics of the real or fantastic figures involving the protagonist, Dighenís Akritis, son of a Greek princess and an Arabic emir.