2013: XV

Alcune osservazioni intorno all’onomastica dei Canti leopardiani (con un’appendice marchigiana)

Parole chiave

  • Antonomasia,
  • Leopardi’s poems,
  • Names,
  • Marche,


The aim of this essay is to analyze how and why the use of names (people and places) changes in Leopardi’s poems, especially referring to the first period (1817-1824) and the second period (from 1828 onwards), and also the use of antonomasia in some of his best known poems (A Silvia, La quiete dopo la tempesta). Antonomasia is probably a way to express affection for his birth place despite the hatred that Leopardi sometimes shows against it. The essay also analyzes the use of names in Leopardi’s letters where there are many names of people and places referring to the Marche region.