2013: XV

L’onomastica in Texaco, l’affermazione dell’identità di un popolo dimenticato

Parole chiave

  • Texaco,
  • Antilles,
  • identity,
  • creoles,


This essay aims to underline how in Texaco by Chamoiseau proper nouns are essential in order to build the Antillean collective identity and history, as well as to take possession of new Martinican territories. Chamoiseau is considered a remark- able and innovative voice in the Antillean and in the francophone panorama. The novel analyzed is about the two-century history of Martinican people seen through the protagonist family history. Analyzing names, we follow the ex-slaves gaining civilization: a new epic emerges thanks to names bringing transparent signification and describing characters; toponyms become essential in order to take possession of the space(the title Texaco is the name of the oil company as well as the name of the protagonist slums); new names are given to periods of time in according to the material evolution; references to local culture and Christian culture mix together from the chapter titles onwards. Examples are chosen to underline how Onomastics reflects the Antillean identity, history and mythology.